I can't seem to usefully search the archive (no search terms have any
apparent effect), so I'll just have to assume that we did talk about it. If
someone has the URL and/or search terms that actually work then I can
revisit, but in the meantime it doesn't ring a bell that we at any time
flat-out refused to "join forces", so to speak. I am not saying we didn't
give that appearance, but I don't remember anything that positive.

So I second Keiron in asking, what kind of useful cooperation do you

I've been aware of iText for quite a while - I tried it out when it was
still rugPDF - and I'll speculate that if anything was a question at an
earlier time that perhaps there was no clear idea of how iText would help
FOP. And that statement would have to be interpreted in the light of what
iText offered at the time. I'm prepared to accept that the PDF rendering
capabilities of iText have gotten considerably better in the meantime, and
it makes sense to look at the matter again. IMO.

Arved Sandstrom

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 From the archives it appears that the discussion on the fop-dev list was
about 2 years ago (no apparent refusal though). It is certainly time to

 From the small amount of information I know about iText it would appear
to be a more advanced pdf library.
I don't know what the license issues might be.

What sort of joining forces are you proposing?

Please send to the fop-dev list for further discussion.


On 2002.03.12 09:27 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm not familiar with FOP, but I can't help noticing
> that people are moving from FOP to iText and vice versa. As original
> developer of iText, a JAVA-PDF library, I already
> proposed you guys at Apache twice to join forces and to combine
> both libraries. I now subscribe to this mailing list only to
> ask you a third time to reconsider your refusal. Please read these mails
> from some iText/FOP users:
> http://www.geocrawler.com/lists/3/SourceForge/8175/0/8071577/
> .html Please send your answers to the iText mailing list.
> You don't need to subscribe, I will pass them through.
> Remark: sorry, but due to the lack of time to read all
> my mail as it is, I will now unsubscribe from the FOP
> mailing list. kind regards,
> Bruno Lowagie

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