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Hello all,

> I'm not familiar with FOP, but I can't help noticing
> that people are moving from FOP to iText and vice versa.
> As original developer of iText, a JAVA-PDF library, I already
> proposed you guys at Apache twice to join forces and to combine
> both libraries. I now subscribe to this mailing list only to
> ask you a third time to reconsider your refusal.

Bruno - Relax! Your antagonistic attitude does you no service.

I've been trying to look after the FOP FAQ for nearly a year now and although
I was aware of your software I had no knowledge that you were interested in "joining forces".

Please learn a bit more about how Apache developers work. You can start off by joining the fop-dev mailing list which is of course better than the fop-user list for contacting the fop developers.

> Remark: sorry, but due to the lack of time to read all
> my mail as it is, I will now unsubscribe from the FOP mailing list.

Bruno - do you know how rude this is? You want to "join forces" but you wont even stay subscribed to the mailing list?

My comments are my own and do not reflect the FOP software developers.

Alex McLintock

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