Thanks Christian - that's fixed it. I'm happy now. You can make your
release. Seriously, sometimes I feel very stupid. Every other time I've
had problems with versions I've looked in the examples and this time I



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Subject: Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Fop 0.20.3 released

Keen Tim wrote:

> Christian,
> I'm having problems with this (the third) and the second release
> candidate for 0.20.3, but not the first. Follow my thread "Trouble
> ZapfDingbats" in fop-user for more info.
> Perhaps you can advise me also.

There has been a change in in the font enconding from RC1 to RC2
(I think the patch *corrected* the enconding for the symbol fonts)
Have a look at docs/examples/fo/

> Cheers
> Tim


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