> I have tried using attribute hyphenate, but I noticed that hyphenation does
> not affect information fetched from a xml document using xsl xsl:value-of.

It doesn't matter whether you get the text from XML data
via xsl:value-of or by other means.

> <fo:block font-family="Courier" font-size="10pt" font-weight="bold"
> language="fi" hyphenate="true">

Are the long words actually finnish? If so, it may be possible
that the finnish hyphenation patterns distributed with FOP are
incomplete or otherwise at fault.
Could you supply the possible hyphenation points for
(whatever this means)? Maybe someone will check them against
the patterns in hyph/fi.xml and discover why the hyphenation
failed. It's also quite possible that the hyphenator itself
is still buggy.
If all else fails, you could apply some advanced XSLT magic
to insert zero width spaces into long words at appropriate
places, for some definition of "appropriate places". Search
the XSL list archive, for example 
returns some hits.


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