I'm not 100% certain but to me it looks like testXSLT is actually a call to
It is possible to call Xalan with parameters, using the -parameter switch.

fop calls Xalan itself but has AFAIK no possibility to pass parameters to

A work around might be to write a shell script that calls a transformation
and then calls fop with the transformation result (a fo file) as input.



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$ Subject: Passing Parameters at the Command Line
$ I'm running fop (0.20.3) at the command line and would like 
$ to be able 
$ to pass it parameters much like I do with Xalan (testXSLT).  With 
$ testXSLT, you can pass parameters with the following syntax:
$ testXSLT -in source.xml -xsl transform.xsl -param name "'value'"
$ I would like to be able to do the same with fop, but when I execute:
$ ./fop.sh -xml source.xml -xsl transform.xsl -param name 
$ "'value'" -out 
$ out.pdf
$ fop spits out the standard help screen and dies, claiming the 
$ renderer 
$ hasn't been set.  I've tried various permutations of the invocation, 
$ including changing the quoting scheme around the parameter's value, 
$ though nothing changes the outcome.
$ Has anyone run into this situation before?  Know how I can pass 
$ parameters?  Is it possible at this stage in FOP's development?
$ Thanks,
$ Rob
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