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Oh no, every time i thing i've seen all stupid things
even more stupidity emerges from some secret supply.

Some hints:
1. Load D:\xml-fop\docs\html-docs\index.html into your
favorite browser. There should be a link to a download
section. Follow the instructions there. If you don't have
the aforementioned file on your computer, ask the person who
provided you with your installation. Ask this person anyway
why he/she provided you with a bogus version of FOP which is
only intended for developers.

There is no special binary for Win2K, because FOP is written
in Java.

2. If you have the correct code installed and still experience
a problem, ask a local Java-savvy person to look at the problem

3. Do not post screenshots unless necessary. If you are
too lazy to retype the error message, you can copy&paste
it from the console window. This is done by single clicking
on the upper left corner of the window to open the system
menu, choose "edit", then "mark". Drag the mouse around
to mark the text. Hit the enter key to transfer it to the
clipboard. Activate your mail client, position the curser
where you want to have the text pasted and hit Ctrl-V.
I thought the US military is able to afford basic computer
training for their employees.

4. Read http://www.tuxedo.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html

5. Learn about basic netiquette, in particular how to trim
unnecessary "Original Message" stuff. The page above has a
link to an introduction.

To everyone else who answered in this thread: I appreciate
your attempts to help, however, spouting random bits of
knowledge actually can be counterproductive.


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