I have an XML with characters like ™ (trademak sign) and •
(bullet), displayable in HTML.
These characters will only display correctly on machines
running windows and with certain "helpful" browsers.

I've an XSL that creates a .fo out of the
XMLs, but when trying to display these characters, the PDF shows the #
IIRC the Unicode charpoints actaully aren't assigned any glyphs,
for compatibility with ISO-8859, the "#" is displayed by Acrobat
Reader if it can't find a glyph.

I had a look at the fonts and it turns out that those characters should be
encoded in PDF as &#x2122 and &#x2022 respectively (in the fonts provided
by default).
Is there any way to map these characters (and not only these ones, but much
more) to the correct represenation in PDF?, do I have to try another

As for terminology: &#x2122 and &#x2022 represent Unicode codepoints, and are used in the XML source. FOP will map them during formatting to something which can be put into the PDF. FOP 0.20.3 handles both characters perfectly.


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