Hi all.

I transform a xml file and add FO vocabulary, generating a PDF with fop afterwards. Now that I got it work using xalan and fop from the command line I embedded both into a JSP and a bean following the example code from docs/examples/embedding.
The problem: When I generate the PDF with the JSP my fo:basic-links don't make it into the PDF. If I dump the FO DOM tree to a file and use fop from the commandline the links are present in the PDF.

Here is the code I use:

<!-- JSP Code -->
  byte[] result = null;
  pdfHelper.FOPit( docAllInOne, "allInOne2FO.xsl" );

/* Bean */ public byte[] FOPit( Document doc, String styleSheet ) {

        XMLTransform tf = new XMLTransform();
        if ( !tf.setStyleSheet( styleSheet ) ) return null;

        /* Transform the Document. */
        DOMResult result = tf.process( doc );
        if ( result == null ) return null;
        * allInOne_1.fo used with fop on the command line
        * creates links in the PDF file.
                (Document)result.getNode(), "allInOne_1.fo" );

        DocumentInputSource source = new DocumentInputSource();
        source.setDocument( (Document)result.getNode() );

        ByteArrayOutputStream out = new ByteArrayOutputStream();

        Hierarchy hierarchy = Hierarchy.getDefaultHierarchy();
        Logger log = hierarchy.getLoggerFor("fop");
        Driver driver = new Driver( source, out );
        driver.setLogger( log );
        try {
        catch ( Exception e ) { e.printStackTrace(); }

        return out.toByteArray();

} // end FOPit()

I'd be glad if someone could give me a hint where the reason for this behavior might be found.


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