Savino, Matt C wrote:
Our application absolutely requires tables spanning mulitple pages. Are we
trying to fit a square peg into a round hole incorporating FOP into a
reporting app as opposed to book publishing?

I didn't say you can't use tables spanning multiple pages. I said, if you are running into problems with memory consumption, this could be one cause (out of many possible others).

The standard procedure when you are getting OutOfMemoryExceptions is: 1. Look for a bigger machine, and increase JVM memory settings (they should not exceed physical memory). This will only go so far. 2. If you are running a servlet, serialize requests for PDF rendering. 3. Get rid of forward references. This is often a really big win. 4. If you have some amount of large graphics which is scaled down by FOP anyway, scale them down before you feed them to FOP. This helps especially if you have inncently looking highly compressed but high-resolution JPGs (something in the 1000x1000 pixel range, one such critter can eat up to 5MByte). 5. If everything above is already stretched to the limit, simplify your layoput and the intermediate FO structure. However, unless your whole document is a single table, this is often small change. Nevertheless, some small modifications in the style sheet can make a difference between working and not working.


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