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It sounds like you need the performance of an efficient compiled
language that performs wherever possible its inheritance at compile
rather than run time. Ada is an ISO standard which is available as a GNU
compiler, GNAT. It should be noted that Java is a proprietary language
owned by SUN.

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Subject: RE: Why is FO(P) a superior model than what most proprietary
tool s propose

We're using FOP in a production environment to render some management
reports and a very complicated lab report. We've had to limit the
reports to about 2000 rows (~50 page PDF) because of FOP's memory issues
w/large PDFs. Also I worry about serious slowdown if we ever get 3 or 4
users on the same instance of the app server all running a decent sized
at once. Does anyone know if wrapping FOP in a session bean would allow
to distribute processing around to unused servers or otherwise handle
java.lang.outOfMemoryError better? (We're on Weblogic 6.1)

I compared FOP to RenderX from XEP. RenderX was the only solution that
really mathces FOP's profile (XSL:FO based, java-based or at least
neutral, no extra servers to run or programs to install - if there are
more out there, please post). For the report I was running, FOP was
about 10
times faster than RenderX. But from most accounts performance between
two should similar. I figure there must be something particular about my
stylesheet that RenderX didn't like. So I called XEP to see what kind of
support my interest in purchasing their $5k/cpu product might garner.
weren't very helpful but did say they were insanely busy. I have a
if you could come up with a high-performing commerical all Java FO->PDF
engine, you'd be very rich very quick.

Matt Savino


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