You can have that a lot simpler! Edit the config.xml in the conf
directory and remove all entries in <list> für the stream-filter-list.
You then have to rebuild FOP. That way, you get an uncompressed PDF

> It looks like it could be a bit more complicated than some missing commands.
> The reason I was doing this was that I wanted uncompressed PDF as a
> template: FOP's great but a bit slow for 200-odd near-identical documents.
> In the end what I did was make the PDF in FOP and use Ghostscript to make an
> uncompressed version. It seems to have worked fine. 
> So then I used Ghostscript to make a postscript version of the ok PDF and
> compared it to FOP version that had all the problems, but there was no
> difference in the commands that I could recognise, although there were
> plenty of differences amongst the gobbledegook below them - not very helpful
> I'm afraid.

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