You might want to examine this thread:

I don't know whether this is the only problem of the migration to 1.2/1.3. If it were, you could copy the source tree, and use a find and a perl one-liner to change all of the occurrences. Not nice, and nasty to keep up-to-date, but it may be a way out. If it were not, you will have to follow Joerg's suggestion.

Does anyone else know what the relevant incompatibilities are?


J.Pietschmann wrote:

Kendall Adkins wrote:

I have a client who is using a Domino server. Domino only supports the
Java 1.1.8 SDK. I have been unable to find a version of FOP that will run
with this SDK. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Recent FOP versions need JDK1.2, perhaps even 1.3. I think
you should look for 0.18 or even 0.17 on the "old versions"

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