First of all: Thank you very much for your help!

>> <fo:basic-link internal-destination="addressListHeading">
>> <fo:page-number-citation color="blue" ref-id="addressListHeading"/>
>>  </fo:basic-link>
> This is the real problem. You probably noticed that the link area is
> not the whole page number, in particular with multiple digit page
> numbers.

Yes, that is right. I will follow your advise and use the headline text as link area.

> Your style sheet appear to be a bit more convoluted than usual. Some > other hints: > >> <xsl:template match="address_list/row/*" mode="address_list"> >> <xsl:choose> <xsl:when test="local-name()='ZIP_CODE_CITY'"> >> <xsl:call-template name="plzOrtRow"> > > If this comes directly from your original style sheet, you should > better use matching precise templates instead of piping everything > into a match-all and then use a choose in it.

Is this just a matter of style or do exact templates perform better?

> There is not all that much value in abstracting > really low-level stuff like table cell generation.

Hm, I generate quite a lot of cells (the document contains only tables) and thought that a template for generating cells would reduce filesize and improve readability of the stylesheet.

Thanks for your hints!!! Ralf

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