Ralf Steppacher wrote:
 > If this comes directly from your original style sheet, you should
 > better use matching precise templates instead of piping everything
 > into a match-all and then use a choose in it.

Is this just a matter of style or do exact templates perform better?

A matter of robustness and maintainability. Just add templates instead of adding when-clauses, perhaps with ever more intricate conditions. In general, templates are slower but there is rarely a mesurable difference (you need hundreths of matching tamplates).

Hm, I generate quite a lot of cells (the document contains only tables) and thought that a template for generating cells would reduce filesize and improve readability of the stylesheet.

The verbose call-template syntax doesn't reduce the filesize either, and named template invocations can really hide what's going on. But it's your choice. Try both on a small part and see what fits you better.


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