Hi Abhijit,
Looks like it might be in a recursive mode or something.
I am not totally aware of this kind or problem ,but how big is your
document ?

Are you using the combination of xml and xsl filer or just the fo file to
print out in PDF?


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hi there !!

i am getting out of memory error when i try to process a very large
containing a single fo:page-sequence tag a single fo:table tag. i have gone

thru the mailing list looking for some solution to this problem but though
problems are similar i am not able to figure out the soluition in my
case... as
i cannot have more than one page-sequence to display my actual data... i
to know what can be done to get rid of this problem....

if some how i am able to break this page-sequence then i will be able to
rid of this problem... kindly help me out with this problem as i am a
novice in
with this FOP stuff.. if any further info is required then send a mail a

lotza cheers !!
Abhijat Upadhyay

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