>You could help by running the following test program with one
>or two arbitrary parameters and post the output.

Here you go...

C:\temp>java TestC red green blue
72 65 64
67 72 65 65 6E
62 6C 75 65

C:\temp>java TestC aaa aa a
61 61 61
61 61

Why wouldn't I have a problem using Fop-0.18.1-DEV if I'm using the same JVM
and Win98 command processor with that?



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DuCharme, Bob (LNG) wrote:
> When I call the fop.bat that comes with fop-0.20.3 using a very simple
> "hello world" formatting object file in the same directory as fop.bat, I
> an error that says (in its entirety) "Don't know what to do with" no
> what parameters I supply. This is under Win98, and the same fo input file
> works with the obvious parameters when I run it with the fop.bat in my
> Fop-0.18.1-DEV directory. 

The problem appears to be that the command line passed by
the Win98 command processor to the JVM contains some character
at the end which the JVM passes as additional parameter to
the Java code (possibly a CR).
This problem seems to be specific to the DOS based COMMAND.COM
included in Win95/98/ME and some JVM versions.

You could help by running the following test program with one
or two arbitrary parameters and post the output.

public class TestC {
   static final char[] hex={'0','1','2','3','4','5','6','7',
   static public void main(String[] arg) {
     for( int i=0;i<arg.length;i++ ) {
       byte[] b=arg[i].getBytes();
       for( int j=0;j<b.length;j++ ) {
         System.out.print(""+hex[b[j]/16]+hex[b[j]%16]+' ');

There is no workaround known to me, you'll have to experiment
by yourself a bit. Perhaps the problem goes away if you use
the command line from the batch file directly instead of the


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