Sadly this is the reason the project I was with dumped FOP in favor of a proprietary pdf output solution, one that is sadly very inferior to FOP in capibilities and standards (no its not renderx but an other reporting package that has PDF output.

I had another phone call with a major governmental institution. They would love to go the FO way if its future was not so blurred, we would even contribute to some code (I need line numbering in) and fix bugs. If only we has some visibility. Currently, my choice is RenderX (but this institution does not like getting locked into a small company) and a traditional proprietary solution (e.g. 3B2, Compuset). I would love to be able to tell them : in 6 months time the redesign will be finished, windows/orphan, keep-with-next and, I don't know, landscaped block-containers will be working.

P. Andries

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