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On Wed, 15 May 2002, L Rutker wrote:

> Sadly this is the reason the project I was with dumped FOP in favor of a
> proprietary pdf output solution, one that is sadly very inferior to FOP in
> capibilities and standards (no its not renderx but an other reporting
> package that has PDF output.
> >
> >I had another phone call with a major governmental institution. They
> >would love to go the FO way if its future was not so blurred, we would
> >even contribute to some code (I need line numbering in) and fix bugs.
> >If only we has some visibility. Currently, my choice is RenderX (but
> >this institution does not like getting locked into a small company) and
> >a traditional proprietary solution (e.g. 3B2, Compuset). I would love to
> >be able to tell them : in 6 months time the redesign will be finished,
> >windows/orphan, keep-with-next and, I don't know, landscaped
> >block-containers will be working.
> >
> >P. Andries
> >
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