Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
Does anybody know the influence of the following issue and if it being
looked at?

That was the message which lead me on the track to study a bit about MS-Caching. I believe, however, that stuff transferred over https is a broader problem, setting caching wont fix it, probabyl IEx doesn't cache HTTPS stuff because of security reasons. This could very well depend on the fixpack applied.

3. IE receives the file but not show it, first, tries to find some
files on your server (on vti dir)

These are the "favorite icons", little pictures IEx and Mozilla/NS6 show in the URL box. IMHO the second most useless browser feature.

Various IEx versions have difficulties to hand over a
https connection or uncached PDF to Acrobat Reader even
if they already read and cached these icons.


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