Balaji Loganathan wrote:

I'm trying to supply the option file "userconfig.xml"
to the servlet.In command line we give it as fop -c
userconfig.xml -xsl -xml -pdf
But how we can supply this servlet.?This i'm trying
for adding addtional font.
I tried to use the Options class but didn't
succeeded.Below is FopServlet snippet,. -----
File userConfigFile = new File(userconfig.xml);
You probably have to provide full path to the file.
In a servlet you can parametrize it as follows:
Options options = new Options(
        new File(getServletConfig().getInitParameter("fop-config")));
having in web.xml

options = new Options(userConfigFile);
That's it. You have added options this way. See

Oleg Tkachenko
Multiconn International, Israel

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