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 --- Roland Neilands <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
wrote: > >My web application needs to generate a
variety of
> client forms.  These are
> >typical boilerplate forms, but are customized by
> having the client
> >information printed in it.  From what I gather from
> reading the various
> >literature it sounds like the following steps need
> to be performed:
> >
> >1. create a boilerplate XML file (non-FO) that has
> all of the static text.
> >2. at runtime modify this XML file to insert the
> custom text (e.g., client
> >name)
> >3. transform the XML file to XSL-FO
> >4. send the resultant XSL-FO file to FOP
> >
> >Is this correct, or am I taking the scenic route
> here?  Pointers to
> examples
> >would be most appreciated.  Everything I've seen so
> far has been purely
> >static text.
> That's the basic idea.
> The static text can go into the form stylesheet
> (.xsl file) or the xml
> depending how often you will update it. Dynamic
> stuff should all be put into
> the xml.
> FOP can transform directly from xml/xsl if you like,
> skipping the FO step.
> Look in:
> docs\examples\markers
> for a basic xml/xsl example, but in the .xsl you may
> need to change:
> "<fo:page-sequence-master master-name ..."
> to
> "<fo:page-sequence-master master-reference ..."
> for it to work.
> Regards,
> Roland

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