I don't think it is a good idea to insert static content in the xml file. The
xml file should only contain dynamic data (in your case client information). The
static stuff should be placed in the xsl file. The xslt process will output a fo
file which will contain the merging of static and dynamic data plus layout
instructions (fo tags). Fop will then be able to output a pdf file.

NB if the only output target is pdf you should send xml and xsl directly to fop!

if you need more info just ask!


Robert Morse a écrit :

> My web application needs to generate a variety of client forms.  These are
> typical boilerplate forms, but are customized by having the client
> information printed in it.  From what I gather from reading the various
> literature it sounds like the following steps need to be performed:
> 1. create a boilerplate XML file (non-FO) that has all of the static text.
> 2. at runtime modify this XML file to insert the custom text (e.g., client
> name)
> 3. transform the XML file to XSL-FO
> 4. send the resultant XSL-FO file to FOP
> Is this correct, or am I taking the scenic route here?  Pointers to examples
> would be most appreciated.  Everything I've seen so far has been purely
> static text.
> thanks.

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