I'm not no familiar with the PCL renderer, so I can't help here
immediately. But you've got the possibility to use the AWT renderer and
print directly to a printer. Have a look at the documentation and the
FOPPrintServlet in docs/examples/embedding.

Another possibility is to create a PDF or a PS file and use GhostScript
to convert it to the target printer format (ex. PCL). This will be
rather slow, though. Or you can print a PDF on the command line using
Acrobat Reader. Examples of everything should also be in the mailing
list archive and maybe even in the FAQ.

> trying to convert a FO file including some bitmap
> images to PCL ends up with:
> [INFO]: FOP 0.20.3
> [INFO]: building formatting object tree
> [INFO]: rendering areas to PCL
> [INFO]: [1]
> [ERROR]: null
> The only image format which is recognized by FOP/PCL
> is the GIF format. However the rendering doesn't also
> work.
> Coming to this result the PCLRenderer is useless at
> least for my need.
> My Problem is, I don't know how else I can get my FO
> file straight and rendered to a printer.
> Is there anyone who can tell me howto achieve this. 

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