i showed the code in the first mail , and i do implement the version in the
look below...

<?xml version="1.0"?> <!-- this one i removed once and reset back cause it
didn't change the bugga-->
<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="
http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform"; xmlns:fo="
  <xsl:output method="html"/>

this is how i call my whole application

"java -cp


under here is the process that gives the error (my application exists out
off different processes because the application not only generates pdf's
but also ini files, text files, xmlfiles etc...)
First the init() is run then the process(), i'm sure i give the xsl file
cause on my puter the code works (i generate the pdf's) but on the
production server i get the error...
i hope this helps you out more...

 * XSLFOTransformer.java
 * Created on 17 May 2002, 09:50

package com.kbcsecurities.rendering.processes;

import java.io.*;
import java.util.*;

import com.kbcsecurities.rendering.interfaces.*;
import com.kbcsecurities.rendering.exceptions.*;
import com.kbcsecurities.util.log.*;

import javax.xml.parsers.*;
import javax.xml.transform.*;
import javax.xml.transform.sax.*;
import javax.xml.transform.dom.*;
import javax.xml.transform.stream.*;

import org.w3c.dom.*;
import org.xml.sax.*;
import java.util.*;
import java.io.*;

import org.apache.log.*;
import org.apache.fop.apps.*;
import org.apache.fop.render.*;
import org.apache.log.format.*;
import org.apache.log.output.*;
import org.apache.log.output.io.*;
import org.apache.fop.fonts.apps.* ;

 * @author  U97488
public class XSLFOTransformer implements IProcess {
    String sourceKey, languageKey, targetKey;
    Map TransformDocs = new HashMap();
    public void init(Map initprops) throws ProcessException {
        File inFile;
        ArrayList al = new ArrayList();
        sourceKey = (String)initprops.get("sourceKey");
        targetKey = (String)initprops.get("targetKey");
        languageKey = (String)initprops.get("languageKey");
        Set set = initprops.keySet();
        Iterator li = set.iterator();
            try {
                String key = (String)li.next();
                if (key.endsWith("_XSL")){
                    DocumentBuilderFactory dbf =
                    DocumentBuilder db = dbf.newDocumentBuilder();
                    inFile =  new File((String)initprops.get(key));
                    Document XSLDoc = db.parse(inFile);
                    TransformDocs.put(key, XSLDoc);
            } catch(Exception e){
                LoggerFactory.getLogger().log(this.getClass(), e, true);
                throw new ProcessException("MSGXXXX");

    public void process(Map props) throws ProcessException {
        DOMResult res = null;
        TransformerFactory transFactory;
        Transformer transForm;
        String language;
        // XML Parsen en de preparatie van het document zodat de renderer
        // de juiste gegevens heeft.
            language = (String)props.get(languageKey);
            transFactory = TransformerFactory.newInstance();
            transForm = transFactory.newTransformer(new DOMSource
((Node)TransformDocs.get(((String)props.get(languageKey)) + "_XSL")));
            res = new DOMResult();
            transForm.setOutputProperty("omit-xml-declaration", "yes");
            // volgende lijn doet iet raar:
            // deze steekt in feite het getransformeerde document in
            // dus res is het resultaat en niet gewoon een argument dat je
            // desgeveolge steek ik later res in mijn map props en geef ik
dit door aan
            // de fop transformer.
            transForm.transform(new DOMSource
            //in de map props steken.
            props.put(targetKey, (Document)res.getNode());
        } catch (TransformerConfigurationException tce){
            LoggerFactory.getLogger().log(this.getClass(), tce, true);
            throw new ProcessException("MSGXXXX");
        }catch (TransformerException te){
            //parser heeft een fout gemaakt
            LoggerFactory.getLogger().log(this.getClass(), te, true);
            throw new ProcessException("MSGXXXX");
        } catch (Exception ie) {
            LoggerFactory.getLogger().log(this.getClass(), ie, true);
            throw new ProcessException("MSGXXXX");

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