Do you mean that there is no way around it?
weird, i can run it from my workstation (same os etc only diff processor
and less memory)
can't be...

The fact that it is logged in bugzilla does not imply it is a bug, in fact that one was tagged as invalid (see comment at bottom). But that comment doesn't help you much...

> this is how i call my whole application
> "java -cp kbcs_fop.jar;batik.jar;avalonframework.jar;fop.jar;xalan.jar;iText.jar;logkit1b4.jar;jaxp.jar;xerces.jar;.

> com.kbcsecurities.test.Startup"

That "jaxp.jar" looks suspicious to me, do you need it? Does it work if you remove it? I would think xerces and xalan is enough? I would bet there some problem in your classpath and the wrong XSLT-engine is called or so.

(I am absolutely not an XML expert, just trying to help a bit... :-)


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