The server portion of the URL you're using looks like an NT name, or at
least a name in your default domain (TCP/IP, not NT)  If you're doing this
all on one machine (if you're running FOP on epndev0006), why not use a
relative path through the file structure (i.e. src="images/Logo_Plain.gif")
If you're running FOP on a different machine than IIS, perhaps the FOP box
can't resolve the name epndev006.


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Can anyone help me debug this. I am looking to simply pull a logo onto my
report with this code...

<fo:external-graphic src="http://epndev0006/Logo_Plain.gif"/>

this error is being output from FOP...

[ERROR]: Error while creating area : Error with image URL:
http://epndev0006/Logo_Plain.gif and no base directory is specified.

The image is in the correct directory and everything is spelled correctly.
The image resides in the root of my wwwroot folder and I can hit it with a
browser by typing the above URL.

Thanks ,

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