Dear All,

I would like to send the xsl-fo result of a transformation on ASP.NET server to FOP to generate a very simple PDF or even just to run FOP on the server in any way possible to me. However, I am very lost how to do this not for want of trying!

I tried lots of things and learn alot but am getting no results which is extremely frustrating. For instance... I have found a complete .NET implementation of FOP at sourceforge but can't get it to work and wonder also why I can just use the normal version of FOP. I even tried to change that one transformation code for java and run it on Tomcat but the cocoon implementation I needed for FOP just errors 'Cocoon 2 - Internal server error type:fatal' so now I am trying other things also but I am losing hope.

FOP runs find manually from the command line with the fo file produced server generated from ASP.NET but I really want to automate this manual step so the user of the web page can get the PDF srtaight away and doesn't have to wait for me to do this manual operation. My transformation is done in C# at present, is there a way I can get it to wait for the fo file to be created and then execute the command line for the FOP operation?

I am sorry if this mail sound confusing, I am confused!


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