Subject: Re: Using FOP on a ASP.NET server to convert FO to PDF
From: "Wim Sandra" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Writing the component is relatively easy.  I did have to struggle a lot with
the JNI Java Native Interface at  Then, I also had towrite a
JAVA class in order to have an easy customized access from COM through JNI
to FOP.
At this moment, I'm configuring the component in COM+ to run out of process,
as a different user, in an object pool.  Then,  the component will not only
generate PDF's for the ASP pages but will also print directly to a printer
through the PrintRenderer  (derives from AWTRenderer).  I adjusted the
PrintRenderer a little bit in order to have it printing not only to the
default printer but to whatever printer in the network.  These extensions
make use of functionality which is only available in jdk1.4.0 and not in

Therefor, at this moment, I do not understand  why the necessity is for a
FOP C# project at sourceforge or even as a commercial project.  One of the
big advantages of FOP is that I can not only generate PDF's but also print
(without using Acrobat Reader).


"gary cor" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Wim,
> This sounds really interesting.  When you run a com component you don't
> a servlet for FOP or to integrate servlets into IIS? Very interesting!!
> easy is it to write the component itself? And, if you can do this easily
> is there a project for FOP C# at
> for a full implementation.
> G.
> PS
> I'm finding Java really complicated compared with .NET so I hope there is
> some open source integration for FOP on it soon! My you I don't really
> what a com component is so I .NET turns my brains to liquid also!

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