Thanks for pointing this out!  I put the "&dummy=.pdf" on my URL and it
worked.  Question though, why does the "fo" test always seem to work and the
"xml/xsl" test never work?

That's easy: http://localhost:8080/fop?xml=<...>.xsl ends in .xsl, which is most probably a "registered file type" (or however this is really called), i.e. IEx. has a default action assiciated with it, which is to interpret it as XSL style sheet. Because the PDF is not XSL, Iex just blanks out. The .fo is probably not used, so IEx actually reads and uses the content type to decide what to do with the response.

Want to have fun? Double-click on an arbitrary .fo file.
There should be an "open with..." dialog pop up. Select
IEx, and check the "always use this application..." box.
Press ok, and enter the fop?fo=hello.fo URL into IEx.
You'll probably get a blank now.
Use the explorer's option/file-type dialog to get rid
of the asssociation of .fo to IEx.


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