I've been using the FopServlet as the basis for my servlet app which takes a
DOM document, stores it to an xml file, then uses XSLTInputHandler to
convert to fo and output the pdf.  Now I'm getting to the point where I want
to eliminate the xml file and convert using the DOM object or a serialized
string of the xml.  It looks to me like it can't be done with the
XSLTInputHandler class because it requires java.io.File parameters.  I'm
looking at XSLTransform to transform the DOM document input to a DOM
document containing FO output using the xsl file.  Just wondering if this is
the best approach and then how to best use the FO DOM document to output the
pdf.  If anyone knows where I can find some good sample code (or if you have
a sample yourself), I would appreciate the tips.


Mike Witt

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