> > I dont know where I have to post this message, so I try in this
> > mailinglist.
> Oh, it's the right place. :-)

Ok :)

> > Anyone know something about this? Or how I maybe can make a
> work-around in
> > the meantime?
> Maybe there are some utilities that can translate your Type3 fonts to
> TrueType or Type 1 to use them in FOP. The other possibility, if you
> know Java, is to read the specs and add support for it yourself. We
> would be happy to include code for this in FOP. Tore Engvig has once
> started code for Type 3 but that's obviously not finished. Have a look
> at org.apache.fop.pdf.PDFFontType3.java as a starting point.

I know Java...
I will try to look in the near future. I have a lot of other works right
know, but I will be happy to provide Type3 font support for FOP in the

I will return later with some further information about how it goes :)


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