As my xml file is before traited by a java program in odrer generate other tag. This one will completely generate tag for creating barrecode so
before : xml file :
 but impossible to realise the svg barrce code
after : xml fil after transformation by java programm
   <svg height="50pt" width="400pt"/>
   <rec width="1.5" x="4.0"/>
   <rec width="1.5" x="7.0"/>
   <rec width="1.5" x="10.0"/>
   <rec width="1.5" x="14.5"/>
   <rec width="1.5" x="100"/>
xsl file :
   <xsl:variable name="w" select="codebarre/svg/@width"/>
   <xsl:variable name="h" select="codebarre/svg/@height"/>
   <svg xmlns="" width="{$w}" height="{$h}" x="0">
    <g id="codebarre" fill="#000000">
     <xsl:for-each select="codebarre/rec">
     <xsl:variable name="w" select="@width"/>
     <xsl:variable name="x" select="@x"/>
     <rect x="{$x}" width="{$w}" height="50"/>
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Phil Dickinson wrote:

> John is right about not being able to change variables and I think that
> in order to achieve the effect you want, you should consider using some
> Java code inside your XSL.

Well, extensions are especially good as last resort, but incrementing
variables in a side effect free langauge like xslt sounds very ugly. I
wouldn't suggest people to go this way, but instead to stop thinking
procedurally and to start using real power of xslt.

Oleg Tkachenko
eXperanto team
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