So, to continue down this winding road a little further ...

Quark seems to produce three documents: a css, dtd, and xml.  The goal
is to produce an xsl file that can transform the xml to xsl-fo.  Should
I be writing a script that takes that dtd and css and produces an xsl
file?  Would it be possible to write an xsl file that can read the dtd,
css, and xml and produce the xsl-fo file?

Sorry if it sounds like I'm flailing.  I am.

Joel Gwynn
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> Joel Gwynn wrote:
> > Quark template -> Quark XML -> [???] -> FOP -> PDF
> > 
> > How do I get from Quark XML to XSL-FO.
> Well, there is no magic here, Quark XML can be transformed 
> into xsl-fo 
> as any other xml using XSL Transormations language. Learn Quark XML 
> syntax and semantics, develop such a stylesheet and many people will 
> thank you.
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