> I dont fully understand the description of the features you 
> need, but if being able to use one IDE to do the full flow 
> from xml through xsl to fop and pdf in an effortless way, 
> including the possibility to debug xsl transformations, then 
> Excelon Stylus Studio is my candidate. It is however not WYSIWYG 
> - if you by that mean that you would specify a xml file and then 
> do WYSIWYG editing and have the editor generate the xsl stylesheet 
> for you.

Let me explain my situation a bit better.

I have an application that generates a massive ammount of data dyanmically
and stores it in an XML file. What I want to do is make PDF quality 
reports / forms out of this data. To do this I want to create an XSLT
file that will generate an XSL-FO marked up version of the XML which
FOP can gobble up and gimme a PDF.

Since this all has to happen during -runtime- of my application, I am not
looking for an IDE / end to end solution; ie: the XSLT file is only
deployed with my app (XML is generated)

So... I am looking for a "WYSIWYG" tool that can assist me in making 
a layout of my report and generates the XSLT file that will produce 
the XSL-FO markup. This means that I -need- the generated XSLT file. 
Most applications that I have looked at (ie: XSLFast) don't give you 
access to the XSLT (in fact I am pretty sure that it doesn't even 
generate it at all - I only see a binary file that it produces).

I'm not expecting an XSL-FO application to solve all of my problems..
I am expecting to have to make modifications by hand to the XSLT file.
But I thought it would save plety of time if I had a tool that can 
let me visualize the output. 

My alternative is to whip out a reference and start writing the 
entire XSLT by hand using the FO vocabulary. 

Thanks for your help.

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