I have an unusual requirement for printing.  We print in both English and
French, side-by-side on the same page.  Each section (ie: block) in one
language must line up with the corresponding section in the other language
(if one language is longer than it's counterpart it's padded with
whitespace).  This is on the left-hand page... on the right-hand page, I
also have blocks that need to line up with (but not change) the alignment
points on the left-hand page.

  I've gotten the left-hand page hacked by using tables, but I don't know
how to get the right-hand page aligned with the left.  Any suggestions?

  Ideally, I would like to have some kind of general alignment tag, like
efo:valign which has an id attribute, which would be used by the renderer to
vertically align every efo:valign with the same id on the same line, even
accross multiple pages.

  I realize my description of this is a little vague because my goal is a
little complex.  Let me know if more information would help.  Thanks!

  Jonathan Evraire
  jonevrai at justice.gc.ca

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