Evraire, Jonathan wrote:
We print in both English and
French, side-by-side on the same page....
  I've gotten the left-hand page hacked by using tables, but I don't know
how to get the right-hand page aligned with the left.  Any suggestions?

There is no possiblity to have this kind of "two flows" in the way you described in XSLFO. A possible work around: Define a page master double as wide as one page, and use a table for what would result in both the right hand and left hand page together. If you use ISO paper, like A4 for the original, print the result on A3 and cut in the middle as appropriate. You can also try iText http://www.lowagie.com/itext for postprocessing, for example to get proper page numbers and perhaps even for separating the big page in the two pages you want to have. If the result is for printing only, rendering to an image format might help too, perhaps even doing a second pass with rendering the images again to get proper headers and footers.


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