On 11.12.2002 02:45:30 Zhong Yi wrote:
> I have a question about FOP Postscript output. The SVG
> graphics look very ugly in PS format. My question is
> when will FOP address this issue?

Nothing's planned. Nobody is currently working on the PostScript output
AFAIK. If anyone does any work on the PS renderer we will gladly
process patches.

> Is there any other
> FO solution which give a quality PS output?

- You could work on the PS renderer yourself or hire someone to do it
  for you. 
- You could produce PDFs and convert the PDFs to PostScript using
  Acrobat Reader command line on Unix or GhostScript on Windows and Unix.
  Of course, the additional step costs you about 50% of additional
  processing time but the results are great.
- XEP from RenderX also supports PostScript output.

> I am in a
> process of evaluating FOP for future project. The PDF
> output looks cool but the PS really kills me.

Jeremias Maerki

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