On 09.01.2003 04:13:05 Zhong Yi wrote:
> I have 2 general questions regarding batik usage in
> FOP:
> 1. Can you configure batik font through FOP
> configuration file? I tried use userconfig.xml. But
> only fo-block font is effected, not svg.

AFAIK Batik uses primarily AWT for fonts. But you could try to switch
the strokeSVGText property as described here:

> 2. Can you configure batik to generate jpeg or png
> image and then feed the image byte stream into fo as
> external image without hacking too much into FOP? 

That's on the todo list, but nobody's done it yet. I think there's not
too much work involved. It would be cool if you could implement it.
Just ask if you need help.

> It seems to me its a black box in term how batik is
> used in FOP.

Batik integration may not be ideal in every point but we're getting

Jeremias Maerki

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