Matt Frame wrote:
I have found when I use the keep-with-next and keep-with-previous attributes in my table that after a page break the formatting of the row is lost. All text is left justified instead of the indent I requested. The final row on the previous page and next row after the break point on the next page are aligned correctly. In experimenting with headers I found they are affected as well. It seems like the next page formatting is effected until after the keep-with-previous row is printed. Can anyone explain what I may be doing wrong or how I may work around this problem?

Pleas open a bug in bugzilla and attach a small, self confined example which demonstrates the problem. I can't deduce it from source inspection.

Meanwhile, try to specify the indentation (margin, padding, start-indent)
at some other place, for example at the fo:block inside the table cell,
or nest an additional block.


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