I am using the the latest CVS version (tag fop-0_20_2-maintain), and have compiled it with both jimi and JAI enabled. However, i get the following error on <fo:external-graphic src="file:///somepath/someimage.jpg" />

ERROR (2002-12-21) 16:32.40:433 [sitemap] (Unknown-URI) Unknown-thread/FOTreeBuilder: Unknown formatting object ^external-graphic
INFO (2002-12-21) 16:32.40:457 [sitemap] (Unknown-URI) Unknown-thread/PageSequence: [1]
ERROR (2002-12-21) 16:32.40:477 [sitemap] (Unknown-URI) Unknown-thread/UnknownXMLObj: no handler defined for :external-graphic foreign xml

Any ideas?


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