Thanks. Actually i was using centipede to create the pdf which was using forrest, which was using cocoon. So it was xml->xslt->fo->pdf.

Your reply gave me many more paths to experiment, and i found that running FOP on the command line gave me correct results, even using the jar's that are being used by centipede. The xmls declaration is in the correct place, and there is no re-setting of the namespace in the fo produced as a result of the xslt; and the pdf has the correct image. So i presume this must be a result of some resolver being overriden in the cocoon config.

Thanks for your pointer. I'll probably take it to the cocoon/forrest/centipede lists.


Joerg Pietschmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote

The second error is caused by the first. The real problem is here:
  Unknown formatting object ^external-graphic
This means the external-graphic element is in the default namespace.
Usually this is in turn caused by not having the fo namespace declaration
in scope while generating the external-graphic element, like
  <xsl:template match="/">
    <fo:root xmlns:fo="";>
      <!-- fo namespace in scope here -->
  <xsl:template match="img">
    <!-- fo namespace not in scope here -->
    <fo:external-graphic src="@src"/>

Actually this shouldn't happen without you noticing before. Did you
write the FO file directly, or generated with the Xalan coming
with FOP? In the latter case, we might have hit another Xalan bug.

The simplest way to ensure the fo namespace declaration is in scope
is to move it to the xsl:stylesheet element.. If this doesn't work, run
the transformation standalone and check whether there is a xmlns:fo=""
somewhere, this usually gives hints where you unassigned the
namespace in the style sheet.


Avik Sengupta wrote:
I am using the the latest CVS version (tag fop-0_20_2-maintain), and have compiled it with both jimi and JAI enabled. However, i get the following error on <fo:external-graphic src="file:///somepath/someimage.jpg" />

ERROR (2002-12-21) 16:32.40:433 [sitemap] (Unknown-URI) Unknown-thread/FOTreeBuilder: Unknown formatting object ^external-graphic
INFO (2002-12-21) 16:32.40:457 [sitemap] (Unknown-URI) Unknown-thread/PageSequence: [1]
ERROR (2002-12-21) 16:32.40:477 [sitemap] (Unknown-URI) Unknown-thread/UnknownXMLObj: no handler defined for :external-graphic foreign xml

Any ideas?


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