I have a table of fixed height which can contain a varying number of
lines of data. I've set the background colour of some columns in order 
to highlight them. I need a way to make sure the highlighting of the 
columns continues all the way to the bottom of the table. 

Unless there is a line of data the background colour doesn't appear. 
I've currently written a template which counts the number of lines and 
then prints the correct number of blank lines out. This works to a 
point but fails as soon as the descriptions in the lines get too long, 
they then wrap over onto the next line, then when I print the blank 
lines out there are too many and the table expands.

I've also tried to do the background colour in a seperate static-
content via <fo:block-container> but it places the block of colour 
above the text not behind it! (z-index is not implemented yet!)

So I need a way to stop the <fo:table height="120mm"> from expanding, or
print one extra blank line out at the end of the table which expands to 
fill the whole of the rest of the table and so show the background 
colour, or set a background block of colour which is behind the text or 
another solution?

Any ideas?


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