Would those of you who are much better versed in these things please reply to the outstanding portions of Hans Kappert's letter, most of which is included below. I have already advised him to subscribe to fop-user and I have apologised for my delay in replying.



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Subject: RE: Fop ALT-Design
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 10:00:41 +0100
From: Hans Kappert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To: 'Peter B. West' <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>


Thank you for your quick reply. Of course, you may CC your reply to
fop-dev. Will they mail me or do I have to monitor a mailing list?

I will evaluate release 0.20.5.



 > From: Peter B. West [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
 > Hans,
 > I would like to CC this reply to fop-dev, with a follow-up there,
 > because the questions you ask will be much better answered by
 > others on
 > the list.  It's true that I have been working in memory consumption
 > problems, but they are only in the front-end of the processing; the
 > generation of the FO tree.
 > I am pleased to say that the other developers are now interested in
 > integrating my work into the mainline redesign effort (provided I get
 > the necessary notes together.)  Because of the areas in which I have
 > been working, I am not as familiar with the details of performance of
 > the existing system as many others, which is why I would like to pass
 > your queries on.
 > This re-integration will have benefits for the next
 > generation of FOP,
 > but notable improvements have already been made, and I
 > suggest that you
 > evaluate the release candidate(s) and final release of 0.20.5.
 > Please let me know if it is OK to post your message with this
 > reply to
 > fop-dev.
 > Peter
 > Hans Kappert wrote:
 > > Dear Peter,
 > >
 > > We are very glad to see that you are busy with improving
 > FOP 's memory
 > > consumption and size-independency.
 > > We now use fop-0.20.4 and see memory consumption upto 80Mb for
 > > converting a 800Kb XML file to a .pdf file (no forward
 > references used).
 > > It also took 15 -20 seconds on a 2Ghz pentium 4 with 256Mb RAM.
 > >
 > > We would like to use fop for reporting/printing purposes in an
 > > application we developed. This application will need to
 > print invoices
 > > in xml format leading to thousands of pages of PDF. What is
 > your advice
 > > on the folling issues?
 > >
 > > - Is it a good idea to split the XML file into smaller bits
 > and issue
 > > multiple FOP requests?
 > > - If so, how big is a good maximum for a server with 1GB
 > internal memory.
 > > - When the FOP handles two requests simultaneously (using
 > two threads),
 > > does the JVM need two times as much memory with the -Xmx
 > option (See
 > > http://xml.apache.org/fop/faq.html#faq-N10117)?
 > >
 > > - If so, can we prevent the servlet runner (Tomcat) from
 > starting more
 > > threads when requests keep coming in?
 > > - Is it a better idea to wait for ALT-Design to become stable?
 > > - If so, do you have an indication when? Or, if hard to tell, what
 > > year   ;-)
 > >
 > > Any response would be of great help..

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