Peter B. West wrote:
 > Hans Kappert wrote:
 > > - Is it a good idea to split the XML file into smaller bits
 > and issue
 > > multiple FOP requests?

It depends.

 > > - If so, how big is a good maximum for a server with 1GB
 > internal memory.

I'd say some 900M but you can experiment: write a small Java program which allocates a hunk of memory (using new byte[size] and zero it), then null the pointer and start over with a larger allocation size, using, say, 10MB steps. Use the system monitor to detect when excessive swapping sets in. Dont forget to preload any other services you'll expect to run and keep them busy. Add 50M or so as safety margin.

 > > - When the FOP handles two requests simultaneously (using
 > two threads),
 > > does the JVM need two times as much memory with the -Xmx
 > option
If you are past the allocation of 256M, then basically yes.

 > > - If so, can we prevent the servlet runner (Tomcat) from
 > starting more
 > > threads when requests keep coming in?

Put the actual PDF rendering into a sync'd static routine of your servlet or use a singleton, as usual. Look into any book covering Java MT programming in somewhat more depth than the usual "Java in three days".


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