We are using J2SE 1.4.1_04, Tomcat 3.3.1 and mod_jk (not sure what version)

I have as of yet been unable to download on the command line using wget or lynx 
as our system requires username/password logon/authentication and does html 
redirects so have not yet found a way to actually download the PDF using these 
methods (just get the redirect page downloaded).

If I download and save the PDF's from acrobat the correct one is 45kb and the 
incorrect one is 78kb, however I did spot a small clue which is Acrobat 
displays a dialog for a split second when the blank one is loading which is 
entitled "Rebuild" with the text "This file is damaged but is being repaired." 
(had to record the screen as an AVI and play back in slo-mo to read it!)

Thanks for the help so far, I will write some java to save the 
correct/incorrect PDF's in their raw form as served up (rather than after 
saving from acrobat which is what I have now) - maybe this will give me some 

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