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Betreff: Hello, about fop
Gesendet: Mo 06 Mär 2006 23:39:57 CET
Von: "chinlu chinawa"<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> I understand dockbook/XML-XSLT/SGML-DSSSL and it's
> customization layers as a good way of working,
> although I'd like an expert to advise me.


> I'd be working on a pdf output basis or any other
> format that would be better for a press to work with.
> I'm within a linux system, and have no troubles at all
> when starting to learn all over again, tex or any
> other format any one could advise me as "the most
> proffesional one" when dealing with presses (is that
> how you call those places that actually print out your
> book, isn't it?), sorry my english anyway.

Dunno what this all about, I only use fop 0.91, even on a HP-UX 11 and I also 
rendered fancy svg into PDF-outputs. My only advice would be: 
OpenOffice->"Export As «SVG»"->insert into FO (or docbook-resource, have a look 
at the "mediaobject") and run fop. Maybe it's not the right way to design 
flyers and graphical complex structures. Therefore leave the fo-step and export 
directly from OpenOffice...(if it runs on your box, at all). TeX and LaTeX is a 
bit more complicated, try starting with "LyX", if it compiles/runs on your 
glibc-whatever *g*

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