Hi Alexios,

Thank you for your reply!

Do you remember a few keywords of the thread subject you mentioned? This
would be helpfull.

Some more informations where I try to integrate the fop-pdf-images plug-in:

It is a XML-RPC-server which, among other functions (lucene index and search
etc.), does the transformation of an xml-fo file to pdf. 

In order to have all needed libraries (jars) within the resulting server
jar, the build.xml file unrars all needed jars (including fop, xmlgraphics,
batik, avalon,...) into a temporary directory and packs them afterwards into
a single jar. 

As some jars include additional files within the META-INF directory (eg. the
services directory), all those files get mixed up in the resulting META-INF
directory and are (potentially) overwritten by subsequent files with the
same name during the unrar process.

As you said that simply adding the fop-pdf-images.jar to the classpath of
your JBoss application with the embedded fop worked, I now suspect that the
above build method (unraring all and pack again) breaks the plug-in

To blame (or not?) the used software: it is the java ilServer from the ILIAS
e-Lerning platform (http://www.ilias.de).

If anyone has a comment: you're very welcome!


Hi Dietrich,

The FOP pdf images plugin works well for me when using FOP as an embedded
library that runs inside an application server (JBoss). It only required to
put the fop-pdf-images.jar in the classpath, no code changes. With big
volumes (thousands of pages per output PDF), we have noticed that it takes
time to open in Adobe Reader and to rip it on production printing servers.
In the past few months, there was an interesting thread with technical
information related to why this is happening. If you don't have big volumes,
it is working really well.

Alexios Giotis

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