Am 15.06.2012 17:04, schrieb Chanaka Amarasekara:
> Just a clearification, let say we align the xml data with a
> perticuler font and a font size from notepad, and we use the same
> exact font and it's font matrix and use the same font and font size
> in a xsl layout. In this case wouldn't the text in the generated PDF
> by the FOP get the same alignmnet as it was in the xml? Will it be
> the same with regardless of unisize fonts or not? If not why?

The very short answer is: TAB expansion, word spacing and, to some
extend letter spacing is NOT standardized, and different layout enines
(as in: notepad.exe and FOP) may place the words at different positions.

Use a table, FO table rendering is standardized and will produce
reproducible layouts.


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