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    Below is an explanation sent on behalf of my colleague Gavin who's
    just joined this list. He's mostly citing from Bob's fine book. :-)

Thanks for Gavin's input, which is accurate to my knowledge.

    My understanding is that FOP 1.0 does not support the use of the
    |retrieve-table-marker| property with tables, and is unlikely to do
    so in the near future. See, which implies
    that the property will likely not be supported in 1.1(?). A modified
    table header isn't an ideal solution - I'd prefer to insert a
    modified table title as in the XEP |rx:table-omit-initial-header|
    extension - but it would be better than nothing.

Correct, FOP does not currently support retrieve-table-marker. There has
been no activity on implementing this feature, so it definitely will not
be in FOP 1.1. I can't say when a patch or a volunteer will materialize
to work on this, so it will remain TBD until that time.



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