Thank a lot Alexios.
That's work.

Still 2 questions...

1/ With Type Transformer, do I select "icon 3 - Characters filters" or not ?

2/ With my AFP sample file produced by Fop,

- Compart Viewer display 'HELLO' correctly (Aladen font)
- BTB display nothing
- AFPviewer display 'HELLO' incorrectly (in raster Times).

Why theses differences ? maybe BTB or AFPviewer are not able to display emebeded outline font ?

Thank for your reply.

Christian Pestel

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Hi Christian,

The code page file is indeed required. Attached you will find T1U01253 which I used and corresponds to encoding="cp1253" (modern Greek). I got it along with some other code page files when I asked to convert some TrueType fonts to AFP fonts. As far as I know, the code page files are standard and you will need a different code page for French. If I remember well, the Type 1 font I used did not contain any Greek glyphs, it works because the XSL:FO just prints HELLO. Other ways of getting code page files are:
- Directly downloading from a mainframe.
- Generating with a commercial tool.
- Extracting from the resource group of an AFP file that contains them. You will need a basic understanding of the AFP structure and about 200 lines of Java code. MO:DCA (The Mixed Object Document Content Architecture Reference) [1] will be your friend.

Finally, you will need to remove the .OLN extension from CZA585.OLN.

Alexios Giotis


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